1085 21st Avenue North

1085 21st Avenue North

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St. Petersburg, FL


This remodel married contemporary comfort with the classic ranch-style charm of the original two-bedroom structure. The focus was on preserving the original layout while introducing thoughtful additions to enhance functionality and aesthetics. Inside, the custom kitchen steals the spotlight with modern amenities, high-quality appliances, and a practical chalkboard wall. The master bathroom, designed as a tranquil retreat, features upscale fixtures and a spacious layout for relaxation. Externally, a porch addition and a garage seamlessly integrate with the existing architecture, creating inviting outdoor spaces without compromising the backyard's integrity. The landscaping complements the overall design, enhancing curb appeal.

The house, now with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, underwent a complete gutting to ensure quality craftsmanship. The result is a fully connected indoor/outdoor living space, facilitating a smooth transition between the interior and the spacious backyard.

This project was driven by a commitment to balance functionality and aesthetics. While entertaining large parties was a consideration, the primary goal was to create a comfortable and practical living space that respects the original structure's character.

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