1310 47th Avenue North

1310 47th Avenue North

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St. Petersburg, FL


Where the classic ranch-style meets modern functionality, this comprehensive remodel showcases an array of thoughtful additions and enhancements, striking a balance between comfort and contemporary living.

The kitchen, a focal point of this project, boasts modernity and practicality. Outfitted with top-tier appliances and complemented by hardwood floors, it serves as a central hub for daily life and culinary pursuits.

Within the confines of this ranch-style residence – now expanded to a 4-bed, 2-bath haven – a masterful transformation took place. The fully gutted and remodeled space maintains the integrity of the original 3-bedroom layout while seamlessly extending living areas to the rear.

Two porch additions – one at the front and another at the rear – contribute to the allure of outdoor living. From sipping morning coffee on the front porch to hosting gatherings on the back porch, these spaces enhance the connection between indoor and outdoor living.

Also newly added to this home was a breakfast sunroom, a delightful addition that bathes the space in natural light. This sun-soaked haven is a perfect spot for casual dining, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The master suite, a retreat within the home, offers a private space for relaxation. With a redesigned master bathroom featuring upscale fixtures and finishes, it's a space where luxury meets everyday comfort.

Another innovative addition to this home is the rear office, complete with a private entrance. This practical space ensures both convenience and privacy for those working from home.

The landscaping surrounding the property enhances curb appeal and complements the overall design. The project was driven by a commitment to balance form and function, ensuring that the additions seamlessly integrate with the original structure.

In keeping with the vision of a fully connected indoor/outdoor living space, this renovation project is designed to cater to both everyday comfort and entertaining larger gatherings. It's a testament to thoughtful design, where the past and present harmoniously coexist in this renovated ranch-style residence.

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