1708 23rd Avenue North

1708 23rd Avenue North

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St. Petersburg, FL


Fro this transformative home renovation project, the allure of beach modern design seamlessly intertwines with the classic ranch-style foundation. This complete remodel reflects a careful balance of contemporary aesthetics and functional enhancements, creating a residence that embodies both style and comfort.

The heart of the home, the kitchen, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Featuring vaulted ceilings and boasting a spacious walk-in pantry, it becomes a focal point for culinary creativity and daily living. Hardwood floors add warmth and elegance, complementing the beach modern design style.

A thoughtful addition expands this ranch-style dwelling into a 4-bed, 3-bath haven. The fully gutted and remodeled space preserves the original 2-bedroom house layout while introducing modern elements to enhance livability.

Step into the courtyard, a tranquil oasis that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. This inviting space serves as a private retreat, offering a seamless connection to nature while maintaining a beach modern aesthetic.
The master suite, a haven of comfort, features a redesigned master bathroom with upscale fixtures and finishes. It's a sanctuary within the home, providing a perfect balance of luxury and functionality.

Porch and garage additions complement the exterior, enhancing both curb appeal and practicality. Landscaping surrounds the property, creating an inviting atmosphere that aligns with the beach modern design style.
The vision of fully connected indoor/outdoor living spaces comes to life in this project. The design caters to everyday living and entertainment, offering a versatile layout that effortlessly accommodates large gatherings.

In summary, this home renovation project is an exquisite blend of ranch-style roots and beach modern design. From the thoughtfully remodeled kitchen to the masterful courtyard and the seamless indoor/outdoor living spaces, every detail reflects a commitment to style, functionality, and the art of entertaining in a beach-inspired haven.

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