401 49th Street South

401 49th Street South

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St. Petersburg, FL


This renovation reflects a perfect fusion of classic charm and a unique beach-style vibe, while blending traditional and contemporary aesthetics and, introduces a two-story addition that redefines the living experience.

At the heart of the transformation lies the kitchen, a modern haven within the home. Custom vaulted ceilings add a touch of grandeur, creating a seamless transition between the original three-bedroom layout and the new addition, now boasting four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The master bedroom was was part of the fully gutted and remodeled space. The design preserves the original house's layout while expanding it with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship. Pioneer also added a sunroom, a delightful retreat that bathes the home in natural light. This space seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor living, enhancing the overall atmosphere with a touch of beach-style charm.

Outside, a custom fence adds privacy and character, creating a distinctive exterior that complements the unique beach-style vibe. Landscaping surrounds the property, enhancing curb appeal and contributing to the overall aesthetics.

The project is a testament to preserving the charm of the original while embracing a contemporary lifestyle. The two-story addition, sunroom, and custom features reflect a commitment to creating a home that balances tradition with a unique beach-inspired character, making it a distinctive haven for its residents.

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