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Accessory Dwelling Units


Whether you call it a carriage home, garage apartment, mother-in-law suite, detached apartment, coach house, pool house, or carriage house, these terms all refer to an Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU.

ADUs can add instant value to your home and extra monthly cash flow to offset inflation. Newly relaxed zoning restrictions have allowed St Petersburg residents to construct Accessory Dwelling Units on their property to encourage more rentals. 

ADUs can create an immediate rise in home value due to the additional living space and rental revenue potential, as well as long-term property appreciation. CFP ADUs are elegant and practical solutions that can match the architectural style, color scheme, and finishes of the main house while preserving individual taste.


Turn Key

We can handle everything, including after it's built. We offer optional property management services so you do not have to lift a finger. Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to make your rental a success, from furnishing your new ADU to handling cleaning, communication, advertising, and reservations.



Your new ADU will bring new income-producing potential to your property. Income generated from ADUs can often cover if not exceed the cost of building them. Should you choose to rent your ADU, these finance packages are designed so that you can still realize a monthly net positive cash flow on your new investment. 



Our selected lending partners offer tailored financing options specifically created for the purpose of adding an ADU to your property. They know the ropes when it comes to adding an ADU to your property, and how to navigate the paperwork to make it happen. 



CFP Homes ADUs utilize Functional Design and are made for high traffic use and with your privacy in mind. All units are built with separate entrances and the walls enhanced with sound dampening insulation to maintain tranquility in your backyard.



We're excited to be a part of your ADU project! Contact us today and let's talk.
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We work with local insurance agencies based in St. Petersburg, FL to customize policies for ADUs. These professionals can also provide analysis on your current policies to ensure you have the proper coverage at the best price.



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